Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Tempura Kidz Just Ordinary Kids

Tempura Kidz is Japanese ordinary kids who love to dance.

Life in Harajuku make them close to amazing culture which grow up in this colourful area. With Asobi System the kids before have dance performance unit like today, they became back dancer of your actress Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

Started his big career in November, the dancers make some move with Ram Rider song “Cider Cider”. With their neon looks, Yu-Ka, Karin, P, Nanaho, and Ao bring special move of disco music.

Lately on March 6, the girls released 1st major debut single “One Step” and on July 10 they release 2nd single “Happy Summer Festival”. On October 14, they dance on Harajuku Astro Hall with loots of marshmallow like kids who love move and candy. High fantasy and sweet. I love them.

For more info about this kids you can direct get the information in this link http://tempurakidz.asobisystem.com

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