Saturday, 23 November 2013

MUTEWATCH ~ Coolest Watch From Sweden

You know watch brand was born from Sweden Naironisuta purveyor brand Acne, Happy Socks, such as MONKI are aligned, but did you know about MUTEWATCH mute watch who have silent voice but this brand is good brand with colourful colour? Watch the new sense of hottest , three colors colorful without the outstanding performance mistake smartly joins in high-tech features with its minimalist design !

MUTEWATCH that they are habitually Steve Vu~ozuniakku of Apple founder and Karl Lagerfeld of mogul designer. Features simple design of touch-panel knob or button does not stick at all, can not even imagine from an appearance each week. Motion sensor is mounted , the lights display the time on the display by simply tilting the arm. Be telling the time of alarms and timers with vibration intensity that matches the usage by sensing the movement further, epoch-making item exactly !! On distinguished, comfortable to wear is possible to hand washing watch ordinary 're not able so that it can be installed even in the go, the room, the bed. Because there is in a USB charging, troublesome battery exchange without any need !!

It was applied to the color variations new three colors perfect Nova purple , indigo blue , ivy green fashion accents. Pure black of the ever-popular, poppy red, charcoal gray is recommended for color -less school. The get a stylish all-purpose watch,  Let's obtain also regular healthy life♪

If you wanna get this watch in Japan you can get ¥22,050

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