Thursday, 1 August 2013

Tommy Trash - Monkey in Love

Fist in the air and unmistakable locks at large, Tommy Trash is not your stereotypical dance icon. With an armoury of his own cerefully created anthems, he has thrown to one side the clean-shaven image of EDM idols.

Outside of his party-hard stage presence, the Grammy Award nominated producer's approach to mind-blowing music remains as heartfelt as they come.

Having released on labels ranging from Axtone to Fool's Gold, and from Refune to Mau5trap, including 2 successive #1 hits on Beatport, every new instalment of his poignant floor filling productions lay testament to the pride the Aussie takes in his blazing musical legacy.

Tommy's high-profile remix duties for the Swedish House Mafia, Deadmau5, Steve Aoki and Zedd amongst others indicate demand for his delinquent house cuts are sky high. It is no wonder the likes of Rolling Stone and MTV have marked him out as 'One To Watch'.

Being a bigger DJ in world's biggest festival not make him to stop his craft. He always continues to bring a dance music with incredible tunes.

On July 22th he publish brand new music named 'Monkey in Love' which this tune give us  goldening mood booster. Within joined Steve Angello and his Size Records artillery for the future fall anthem, the monkey song rising up Trash's charisma in high standards set by host label. 

After you hear the tunes on soundcloud, don't forget to watch his video in youtube channel I have attached on this article. Psst! for someone having a fasting time today I suggested not to watch the video before break fast ya.

Hahaha....this tune remind me with Mr. Monkey who falling in love with girl and ask the job with me! DAMN YOU ASSHOLE!!

Duke Dumont feat. A*M*E - Need U 100%

My mood is booster to be happiness when hearing nice tune from Duke Dumont. Collaboration with 19 year old U.K singer A*M*E, this british DJ bring the catchy and pop song with full of energy. Makes me wanna dance and dance…!

Starting with great trance tune out, Duke bring us easy breezy to moving on our head. After A*M*E singing she bring 100% quality of voice to make me singing more and more, dududu. 

This song really good to listening up in this summer vacation and say this word for your lover : "Need you 100% to treat me right to get together turning down the lights".

Oh ya…! The comical video is a must see till the end ya! Cause you never get bored when you see it.

Deadmau5 Mask Bundling with Microsoft Icon

Weew….quite surprise saw Microsoft Facebook page, when they uploaded the picture about Deadmau5 mask bundling with Microsoft Iconography.

The mask who made by Jim Henson's Creature Shop rocking a pretty sweet perks ambitious mask of Deadmau5. With iconic colours of Microsoft - the blue one, the mask look fabulous with red identical deadmau5 colour. 

I'm really amaze when the canadian progressive-house DJ want to use this cool mask. But still curious when he will wearing this mask ya?!

DJ Mondo Style

Let me introducing to you with DJ Mondo. If you know fancy cloth and cute pink ribbon you will amaze when you saw Mondo style. Yeah!! he born to be handsome man but when knew that make up can change his looks and transform be cute girl.

His debuted as a drag queen back dancer but later on became famous as a DJ. Watch out the "other" woman is out there to steal the heroine's lover and cause a commotion.

The "Bearded Wo-Man" is acclaimed from the club scene to the celebrity circle. He is also flourishing as model and dance in different media. His out of this World Rapturous Sound will stupefy you. But the Star is not out of reach. Yeah!! he is a "F*** FREAK!"