Sunday, 3 November 2013

Alice Auaa - Avant-Garde Ghost from Japan (2014 S/S)

Yasutaka Funakoshi the only one designer who make models look a like a ghost when wearing their wardrobe.

Born in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, Yasutaka love drawing a look without permition. His soul on dress blooming in the darkness of fashion world. On 1995, Yasutaka launches his brand Alice Auaa in Osaka. His first stage debut was on Osaka Collection ("spiritual release and physical restraint").

The clothing line of Alice Auaa do not merely categorise duality, such as beauty and ugliness, and light and shadow, through a decadent and surreal filter based on the colour black, but rather convey a mode of avant-garde and romanticism based on the endless motif of the time of life in everything (creation from destruction), and the elegance and eroticism that dwells in incommodiousness.

On Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Tokyo, Japan, Yasutaka bring his soul into darkness ghost story. Which is this collection make you scary and look good when attending halloween party.

For more info about this designer, you can look down on this site

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