Sunday, 26 April 2015

Cleo Fashion Week

I love watching runaway show. Is not because I'm fashionable enough, but because I love watching an ambient while you watching this creative industry.

I just know fashion since I was worked at Gogirl! Magazine and Aneka Yess! Magazine. From this two inspiration magazine, I learn what is fashion creative industry working. How people behind the spot working is incredible. They can create a ordinary stuff become amazing and also looks really elegant.

My really best friend who working on fashion industry said, "How you could make super cheap material transform with super expensive fashion items? Simple world is, we have designer who can make a dream to be come true. They can make it what in other people only think, they make it and sell it in high price. Yes, something about art is never cheap dear..."

From that point of view change my mind. That's why I do more like fashion and really appreciate with people's inside this industry, because they are special and working hard to make beautiful looks.

How do you think about them? You also think that designer is the most rare person??

Monday, 20 April 2015

How I Know and Like Rip Slyme

Maybe you could say that I'm geek and nerd girl. Because I know good RnB music knowledge who come from Japan since 14 years old. If you asking why, on this post I will tell you all story how I know and like Rip Slyme.

First to be honest in Indonesia internet around 2002 years really really expensive. Everyone who want to browsing through this world have to spending around $2 for 1 hour experience. If I do online think I just really happy to browsing and read a lot of information around the world and specially from Japan.

I starting to get into this world through internet when MIRC just only chat apps that concur the world. But I still curious about all the things Japanese do. So when I browsing, my screen just popping some video from local Japanese artist named Steady&Co. Oh my, who is this band? Why their artwork just running over and over again in my mind? and when I homed, television just played that video again. Oh, they must be really well-known right now in Japan.

Yes, with this song which change my mind from rock to RnBmusic. While my friends like L'Arc-en-Ciel I just having fun with Steady&Co. and starting to like Rip Slyme until now.

For me, a members of Rip Slyme is super creative. Why? Because they can bring brand new view of Japanese Pop Culture in super happy way. Even I don't know much about the meaning of their lyrics, but I always happy when heard DJ Fumia music and Ilmari, Su, Ryo-z and Pes in action. They super talented, because even they busy with Rip Slyme, they still keep on his ass work do side job band and they artwork also perfect in other way. Oh why.....?

Nowadays they age is getting old, all members age around 37 years old but they still look young. Guess have fun aura can make you look younger when you getting old.

For more info about Rip Slyme just click through this link:

Saturday, 18 April 2015

MARUNA Store, Hope Dream and Beyond of Imagination

If you feel same things like this quote just raise your hand and say. Yes, I'm looking for love and good shoes. Where ever people say that you just imagioner, but I know that everything base on love, passion and than your dream will be come true.

I know that from your believe about some magic happen's will come true. Yeah, is not gonna easy to get, cause if your dream really easy to get it means that your dream not good enough, you have to think big before you can get like you today.

Me with MARUNA, even is just still simple one now-day, but I know through this brand I will go to Japan and opening my leather shoes shop over there. I know it!!


Visit my shoes shop at
Happy shopping all (^^)/*

Monday, 13 April 2015

MARUNA Shoes Shop by unamaruna

Hello there, I just opening my brand new shoes shop named MARUNA.

With MARUNA, I made original shoes leather for everyone in super high quality but low cost.
Yeah, you might don't know that for this below picture shoes you just got fr US$37 for each pair of lovely shoes.

Don't believe it?!

But you have to believe it, my high quality leather shoes you can have it with super cost.
Curious? Just order via email with me:
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Happy shopping all...

Lucky Meiji Chocolate Stick My Favorite One

I just try this brand new chocolate stick from Meiji Lucky. 
Maybe you may think I old school cause just like this for today, but today when I go to local supermarket in my town just saw this and look so yum and cheap. So I decided to buy this chocolate stick.

If you know I never like sweet stuff, but amazingly this stick not sweat at all.
Guess the taste more bitter than Pocky.

That's why from now on, this chocolate stick just became my favorite stick ever.

Welcome to my fairy world bro and bye bye Pocky, cause you super sweet for me.
*if you know what I mean (^^)/*