Saturday, 14 December 2013

Marilyn Monroe Starring CHANEL N°5 Brand New Campaign

Marilyn Monroe was internationally known not only as one of the sexiest women in the twentieth century, but also as a new icon with a fresh sensuality. Her favourite fragrance was CHANEL N°5.

Her candid declaration of love for the quintessential feline fragrance can be found in an article of Life Magazine published on August 7 1952. When asked what she wore to bed, she replied, “I only wear CHANEL N°5.” Her remark that she wore nothing to bed but a few drops of CHANEL N°5 rocked the world.

While perusing the archives on Marilyn Monroe, the House of CHANEl discovered an unreleased decording capturing the spontaneous ambassadress original words. In 1960, George Belmot, editor-in-chief of Marie Claire magazine, interviewed the star of the film “Let’s Make Love” by Georges Cukor. During the interview, Marilyn confirmed her love for CHANEL N°5: “You know, they ask me questions. Just an example: ‘What do you wear to bed? A pyjama top? The bottoms of the pyjamas? A nightgown?’ So I said, CHANEL N°5, because it’s the truth…And yet, I don’t want to say ‘nude’. But it’s the truth!”

With this two declaration, and the photo by Ed Feingersh showing Marilyn with a bottle of CHANEL N°5 nestled in her décolleté, she definitively established N°5 as the fragrance of timeless femininity. This also embodied Mademoiselle Chanel’s wish back in 1921: “I want a woman’s fragrance that smells like a woman.” Geez…this word make me creeps and adore two powerful women in the world!
Viva la CHANEL *x.o.x.o