Sunday, 12 July 2015

Nujabes a King of Soul HipHop from Japan

Seba Jun or people well known with his anagram name "Nujabes". Born at February 7, 1974 Nujabes actively in music industry from 1995 until 2010.

Make soulful hiphop sounds, Nujabes always make us relax when listening his artworks. Even he already active since 1995, but Nujabes made a statement to the world when his sound play as background music at Comme des Garcons fashion-show in France. After that on March 2004, Junya Watanabe asking for him to made a soundtrack for his brand new animation series "Samurai Champloo".

My favorite sounds from Nujabes is "Reflection Eternal" and "Imaginary Folklore", but actually all of his projects always make me happy enjoying my life.

Actually I have special things about Nujabes, when I aploaded his soundcloud playlist on my Facebook page, my Japanese big brother said that he is a best friend of him, OMG what a small world. (Nujabes Soundcloud:

But, on February 26, 2010 Nujabes just had traffic accident in Shibuya. To appriciate his artworks, every year his friends made tribute for him. Yes. We always love you dude.

More info about Nujabes, please visit this site

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