Thursday, 16 July 2015

Evisbeats, Japanese MC Who Love Traveling, Beach and Blue Sky

Evisbeats is japanese hip hop musican group from Nara Prefecture. Active on music industry since 2005, Evisbeats is other project of AMIDA, an MC who love traveling, beach and blue sky.

AMIDA is humble person, on December 21, 2005 he be guest apperance for KREVA. Beside working with KREVA, AMIDA also produce work with DJ NAPEY.

My favorite song created by Evisbeats is ゆれる feat. 田我流 (Yureru feat Dengaryū), いい時間 (Ī jikan), いなか浜 (Inaka Hama), and many more.

From his artworks, we can see that he really love beach. (^^)/*

For more information about Evisbeats, just visit him at official website ( and soundcloud site (

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