Sunday, 26 April 2015

Cleo Fashion Week

I love watching runaway show. Is not because I'm fashionable enough, but because I love watching an ambient while you watching this creative industry.

I just know fashion since I was worked at Gogirl! Magazine and Aneka Yess! Magazine. From this two inspiration magazine, I learn what is fashion creative industry working. How people behind the spot working is incredible. They can create a ordinary stuff become amazing and also looks really elegant.

My really best friend who working on fashion industry said, "How you could make super cheap material transform with super expensive fashion items? Simple world is, we have designer who can make a dream to be come true. They can make it what in other people only think, they make it and sell it in high price. Yes, something about art is never cheap dear..."

From that point of view change my mind. That's why I do more like fashion and really appreciate with people's inside this industry, because they are special and working hard to make beautiful looks.

How do you think about them? You also think that designer is the most rare person??

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