Monday, 29 September 2014

Modern Eyes - Jump Jump Dance Dance (remix one)

First listening this sound at my favourite car, Oh Damn! Who is made this amazing robotic sounds? and when I saw the song list mentioning to this band - Jump Jump Dance Dance. I look at again and again, really some band have the odd name. But well this band is totally old school band which I just knew a couple days a go, damn! 

Who they are?

It’s unusual for an up and coming band to have a pedigree as impressive as that of Los Angeles electro rock conspirators Jump Jump Dance Dance. But as it stands, the duo of Chris Carter and Simon Lewicki had amassed a wealth of experience – Carter as an in-demand DJ and vocalist who has played alongside such luminaries of the LA scene as DJ AM and Tommie Sunshine, and Simon as the mastermind behind the celebrated club acts Groove Terminator, Tonite Only and Chili Hifly – before uniting to create Jump Jump Dance Dance. But Jump Jump Dance Dance isn’t about rehashing former glories, as glorious as they may be. Instead, it’s an all-new beast with its own unique energy and style. 

First coming together over a shared love of synthesizers, Australian culture and sweaty dance floors, the renowned studio wizards began to furiously write the blueprint of the Jump Jump Dance Dance sound, exploring and tweaking the happy medium between dance and rock music. Clearly, the pair were onto something special as their first batch of demos immediately hooked Australian imprint etcetc - the home of PNAU (producers of Empire Of The Sun) and Lost Valentinos (helmed by super-producer Ewan Pearson) as well as internationals Mylo, Datarock and The Knife. 

Determined to once-and-for-all perfect the ultimate hybrid between these two often-disparate genres, the duo elevated themselves above the electro scene by turning Jump Jump Dance Dance into a fully-fledged, truly organic live band where instantaneous guitar riffs collide with towering synths and club energy.

But, I'm don't want to mention about this band more. On this post, I just wanna tell you that some freaking good DJ remix they tunes into amazing robotic electronic sound. He call herself as Vindata and make boring  Jump Jump Dance Dance tunes into amazing one. You can see his remix here:

and this is the original Jump Jump Dance Dance ones

For more info about Jump Jump Dance Dance you can see the info from this link

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