Sunday, 28 September 2014

Long Time No See White Shoes and The Couples Company Performing

Long time no see my favourite band performing, finally on August 29 can saw them performing at Acreate event. Yes, White Shoes and The Couples Company is my favourite band which come from Indonesia. Why I love them? Because they are amazing!!

White Shoes & The Couples Company consists of Aprilia Apsari, Saleh, Yusmario Farabi, John Navid, Ricky Virgana, and Aprimela Prawidiyanti. Apsari and Farabi met each other while they were both studied at the fine art faculty in Institut Kesenian Jakarta (Jakarta Institute Of Arts). The two formed the band with their colleague, Saleh in 2002. In 2004, Ricky Virgana, John Navid and Aprimela Prawidiyanti (Ricky Virgana’s wife) joined. The band came up with the name due to the fad of wearing white shoes at the school where they met. The band sings the majority of its songs in Indonesian.
In 2005, the band released their self-titled album on Aksara Records. In 2007, they released an EP titled Skenario Masa Muda in 2007. Eventually, the band was signed by Minty Fresh, and re-released their self-titled album for an international release.
For more info about them?! Just visit this link

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