Friday, 3 October 2014

Tokyo Camouflage by Haruka Matsubara

It turned out Haruka Matsubara is a graphic design student at Musashino Art University. If you read this blog, yup Tokyo Camouflage is her graduation project.

The best project was Tokyo Camouflage because it gave me the opportunity to think through the concept on my own for the first time, and also, I had the luxury of spending 1 year for concept development.

Theme on Tokyo is nothing new, and various professionals in various fields have already worked on it. So much information on Tokyo is available, and even if you don’t live here, you know Tokyo. But do we truly know Tokyo?

When you visit a country for the first time, you notice things that are overlooked by locals. This is because you see things with fresh eyes. The projects reflect that sense of newness, focusing on how to best showcase Tokyo with fresh perspectives.

Tokyo Camouflage – Asakusa/Tokyo
Tokyo Camouflage – Marunouchi/Tokyo
Tokyo Camouflage – Shinjuku/Tokyo
Tokyo Camouflage – Setagaya/Tokyo

For more info about Haruka Matsubara, you can visit to this link:

Haruka-san and her graduated exhibition

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